What Successful Pro's are Saying

"A Practical, Fun and entertaining application of 3 Card 'Monte'. How could you go wrong with a guy who's last name is Monti?" ... Criss Angel  

"Joe's is the Best I've seen" ... Pete Biro Magic's Greatest Good Will Ambassador & Highly Accomplished Magician 

"The strongest part of my show" ... Steve Dacri  Las Vegas Performer & Celebrity Blogger

"When a pro releases one of his favorite routines, you can be sure that it rocks!  Take the time to learn it and it can become a winner for you."... Paul Green  Magic Castle Headliner , TWO time Close-up magician of the year & Lecturer of the year 

"This is a killer deal for a killer routine. I highly recommend it! You're getting 25 years of experience handed to you on a silver platter!" ... Tony Clark Award Winning Magician, Inventor & Magic Retailer

"I Love your 3 Card Monti ! It is fun, fantastic, and fabulous ! A card trick to be seen ! ... Gay Blackstone
Executive Producer World Magic Awards
Executive Producer Masters of Illusion
Past President The Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle

"3 card Joe has an important feature; It's a solo piece. No audience members on stage...the "Holy Grail" that stand-up performers search for. I don't care who you are, if you put "3 Card Joe" in your act, you will not be disappointed." ... John Lovick aka Handsome Jack Writer/Thinker/Magician

"If you want a reputation maker THIS IS IT!!! Joe is one of the MOST creative people in our business! You will not be disappointed! It's Visual & Exciting" ... Murray Sawchuck The Future of Personality Magic

"Wonderful...Magical...Works beautiful"... Joaquin Ayala Master Illusionist & Builder 

"Awesome & Hysterical routine that plays really big. Everything I need" ... Bob Sheets Funniest Skilled Magician Alive

"This time tested routine is an act in itself. As a traveling professional magician I am always looking for powerhouse mysteries and this has it all...Comedy, a story line, great looking props and mind boggling Magic! I would stake my reputation on 3 card Joe, and the first time you perform it in front of an audience, so will you!" ... Devlin 'The Matador of Magic' SAM Stars of Magic Magician of the Year

"The price for this professional routine is 3 times too cheap for 25 years of expertise. It's a silly name for a serious routine but it's the only card effect I do along with my illusions because it kills! It also saves me money because I ship one less Illusion!" ...James Brandon International Illusionist & Artist

"Vernon's Top-Change, Marlo dealing Bottoms and Monti doing Monte...It doesn't get any better. Great for Parlor or Stage, simply the best!" ...Lorenzo Clark  former member of the Board of Directors of The Magic Castle

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